Pen & Process understands that continuous improvement of your workforce's skills is the key to your success. Our tailor-made training solutions are adapted specifically to our customer's facilities.

We provide several training solutions which are developed based on insights from the customer and with the knowledge of seasoned industrial experts. Our experienced industry professionals deliver high quality instructions, with digital training and assessment tools to help the customer track their workforce's improvements. We can help you develop an overall program that is designed to include content, sequence, instructional methods and assessment methods along with the program material support.


Web-Based Interactive Training

Web based Interactive training is a next-gen training method which has successfully shown positive and proactive response from the trainees resulting in a dramatic increase in their knowledge enhancement.

Pen & Process specialises in developing eLearning solutions based on Instructional Design & Visual Design principles, to create an effective pedagogical learning experience. We at Pen & Process are equipped with highly skilled and experienced Subject Matter Experts (SME) in the field of Petro-Chemical industry along with experienced Instructional Designers, eLearning Developers, Multimedia Experts and Graphic Designers. Pen & Process offers a host of Predefined & Custom eLearning Solutions to redesign your existing course content or to develop a new learning system.

Key Features of the Program

What we do


The analysis phase clarifies the instructional problems, objectives, and identifies the learner's existing knowledge and skills.


The design phase deals with planning learning objectives & assessment instruments, subject matter analysis, lesson planning, media selection, User experience design, template creation, etc.


In this phase, content writers create and assemble content as described in the design phase. The team reviews and revises the project before handing over to the next stage.


In this phase, e-learning developers develop the e-learning modules by combining the content provided by the content writers with the audio-visual media.


Evaluations are based on the qualitative feedback that focuses on the details of content and its effectiveness. This will be done by the Quality control team.